Building Surveyor In Arlington, VA


A building surveyor is very important to the success of a new construction project. This is only the beginning of creating a construction project. Construction staking plays an important role in turning blueprints into reality. In order to carry out construction staking properly, a qualified building surveyor, oftentimes hired at a land survey company, with construction experience will be a great asset. Here is a little more information about how construction staking can make a difference in your next construction project and why a licensed building surveyor should be there to help.

Building Surveyors & Construction Staking

Construction staking is a process implemented by a building surveyor that involves taking blueprints to plans for improvements and buildings on a property and mapping it out on the land where the improvements will be made. Additionally, construction staking is also helpful to project managers to see if there are any potential issues that may come up when translating the blueprint into real life. If there is a problem with a plan it is best to find out during this stage so that the appropriate changes can be made to the blueprints for the project. If a team waits until the building phase, compromises may have to be made to the blueprint in order to finish the project without starting over. Your building surveyor will be able to map out all of the important aspects of the final design on the final blueprint of the construction project.
The Process
The process involves placing sticks in the ground in order to map out planned improvements. The point is to position the stakes in the ground so that they coordinate with the blueprints for the project as accurately as possible. A land surveyor will come to the construction site while the staking is taking place to assist the project manager in maintain the accuracy of the placement of the stakes. Stakes will be placed where the inner and outer walls of the building will go as well as markers for storm drains, driveways, sidewalks and curbs.
Rough Grade Staking
This type of construction staking is used to map out plans in relation to the elevation of the construction site. This type is typically used to understand the location and elevation for structures such as roads, parking lots and outlines for buildings. Rough grade staking is implemented by the building surveyor and is performed before the contractor comes to the site to begin the construction phase.
Site layout staking
This type of construction staking is more detailed and is way more exact than rough grade staking. Where rough grade staking provides a general layout, site layout staking provides a precise layout. Site layout staking is for identifying where the final placement is determined for both horizontal and vertical locations of the planned improvements. All of these aspects will be determined by the building surveyor. After the site is laid out properly, a construction team will be able to come in and easily begin work.