Elevation Certificates Arlington, VA


Elevation certificates are acquired by performing an elevation survey, a specific kind of land survey that is conducted for flood insurance purposes. When an elevation survey is performed by a land surveyor or engineer, an elevation certificate can be issued. Elevation certificates are used by insurance companies to determine flood insurance premium rates for a particular property. Our certified land surveyors in Arlington will be able to perform these surveys and provide you with an elevation certificate. Here is some more information about elevation surveys and their requirements. Because this document will be used by an insurance company to determine premium rates, there are very specific requirements that must be met by the surveyor performing the survey. An elevation certificate must be both signed and sealed by the land surveyor who performed the survey. Other people who are certified to sign and seal an elevation certificate include engineers and architects. Most elevation certificates are signed and sealed by surveyors who are licensed by the state where the property being surveyed is located.

What Is An Elevation Certificate?

An elevation certificate is a document that is prepared by a land surveyor that can provide information on several different things having to do with elevation. It can show the elevation of a building with relation to average high tides, building types, a map of the flood zone in the area and other information that can be used to determine the risk and premium rates for flood insurance on a property. Elevation certificates are not always required but may help lower flood insurance premium rates in certain areas. Your land surveyor will be able to determine the requirements for this kind of survey in your area.

How To Get An Elevation Certificate

A survey team will be dispatched to the location that is requiring the elevation survey. First, they will look for an elevation marker on the property. When they have established a good benchmark for measurement, they will then continue to measure the elevation of the surrounding property. When both the lowest and the highest elevations are determined, floor heights will also be measured. Then, locations of mechanical systems and their elevations will be measured. The surveyed property is then overlaid onto flood maps to determine the flood zone and certain flooding risks. This information is then underwritten by insurance companies to determine premiums.

Elevation Certificate Cost

An elevation certificate will not be a cheap endeavor. Homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $1200 to have an elevation certificate issued for their property. Much of the cost is dependent on the location of the property. As a homeowner, you will also be paying for the time and effort of a professional surveyor to complete the survey with respect to the requirements