Property Surveys For Arlington, VA


Are you in need of hiring a land surveyor and wondering, “Is there a property surveyor near me?”. One of the essential land survey services that we offer in the Arlington area is providing property surveys to both residential and commercial clients. There may be different limitations on land boundaries based on sales or even state laws regarding protected lands and land ownership. It is especially important to get a property survey if you are living in a rural area where there are easements and throughways that pass through areas of the property in question. Property surveys make it very clear where the property lines of your land are located.

What Is A Property Survey?

A property survey, also referred to as a “boundary survey”, is the process that is carried out by a certified land surveyor in order to determine property lines and define the boundaries of a property that are described in a land deed. Property surveys sometimes indicate any easements that are on the property. Any limitations placed on the property by state or local governments may also be in a property survey. Easements are usually in place to create easier access to the property from the public road and to make it accessible by utility companies.

Why Do You Need A Property Survey?

If you are buying any type or size of property then you may likely need to obtain a property survey. These surveys are usually executed by a professional before you buy or subdivide land. If you plan on improving or building on your land, you may also be required to get a property survey. This reduces the risk of running into any disputes in the future regarding the boundaries of the property. This can save you time and money and from the stress of going through a lawsuit or having to move an entire structure.

How To Get A Property Survey

The first steps to obtaining a property survey begin with a land surveyor marking and mapping out the boundary lines of the land. This surveyor will then look through any historical records of that land and then land surrounding it with regards to purchases. The surveyor may also speak to prior owners or owners of the lands surrounding the properties. After the research, the field work will begin. This involves the search for evidence of existing boundaries which are then compared to the research. When the property survey is complete, a survey will show the correct property lines as well as any notes regarding the boundaries written by the land surveyor based on the research and evidence.

How Much Does A Property Survey Cost?

Property survey costs can be attributed to many factors. The size of the land and features such as the terrain and location may also influence the cost of having the property surveyed. The extent of the research may also have an affect on the price. If the surveyor runs into research issues, there could be an additional cost as well. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your property survey is to contact a land survey company and provide them with what you are looking for as well as the address of the property.