Topographic Surveys Arlington, VA


What is a Topographic Survey?

Topographic surveys are two dimensional representations of a three-dimensional property. What this means is that different land features are taken into account and are represented in a drawing on paper. Different colors and symbols are used to represent different types of topographical features. It might be important to know what is going on with the surface of a property if you are wanting to do any construction or add any improvements to the property. When you know what is going on with the land and its physical features, you can make a better plan when it comes to improvements. 
A contour line is how a 2D representation can be made about the 3D peaks and valleys of the land being surveyed. The survey can be very detailed down to a 1-foot drop or rise. For any type of significant slope, upwards or downwards, contour lines will be shown in that area. This helps the person who ordered the survey get a good idea of the general contour situation of the property.

Physical Attributes
Other physical attributes such as vegetation and waterways are also shown on a topographical survey. Streams, creeks and other waterways that pass through the property will be identified as well as wooded areas and other similar outdoor physical attributes. The surveyor will gather information about these attributes such as the location and size and then will add that to the topological survey as well. Areas where brush and shrubbery are located may also be identified on the survey. This part of the survey can be as detailed to show the locations of single trees.
If there are any improvements that have been made on the property that are visible, they can also be identified on the topographic survey. Utilities such as power lines, street lights, pipeline markers, electrical boxes and any other evidence of utilities can also be added to the topographic survey. If there are things that are buried on the property, these can be marked by third party companies and then the surveyor can also include a representation of those objects on the survey as well.
Any data that is obtained by the surveyor with regards to the property will be used to determine what the topological survey looks like. The more data that is gathered up about the various physical attributes of the property the more detailed the topological survey will be. If you are just simply looking at a topographic survey it might not make much sense. A bunch of funny lines and symbols that don’t really have any meaning to you can all be explained by a professional land surveyor so that you can understand the property.

Topographic Survey Cost

The cost of a topographic survey will depend on the size of the land as well as the features and terrain of the land. Topographic surveys are a very in-depth type of land survey, and cost will depend on the scope of work that needs to be completed. A topographic survey is often ordered to be completed by engineers and architects when lot development is taking place.